A Unique System for Reducing High Frequency Stray Noise and Transient Common Mode Ground Currents to Zero, While Enhancing Other Ground Issues

Conference:   2005
Author:   Howard W. R. E. Jacky EE, R. W. Hopkins and M. S. Panko, Zero Ground, L.L.C., Ph.D., T-Solutions, Inc.
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Abstract: Variable frequency drives generate high frequency switching electrical noise. The components of a typical variable frequency drive are commonly capacitively coupled to an earth ground. The power devices used today allow high frequency currents and common mode currents to circulate within earth ground. These circulating currents initiate the degradation process to insulation systems of motors, their bearings, and also interference to other systems (ie: sensors, PLC’s, industrial computers etc.). This new wiring design and method meet safety ground code requirements while reducing significantly high frequency and common mode ground currents. In this paper we will discuss the key components and operation of such a system and its application. Click to Print This Page